Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Renault prepare to engine freeze

Renault engine development chief Rob White has called for teams to get together to revise and refine the engine-freeze rules that came into force for the 2007 season, although he does accept they did help cut engine development costs in the short term.

"The principle of homologation was introduced to reduce the cost of engine development," White explained. "While development on the minor parts outside the homologated perimeter of the engine can still yield performance gains, they are not big. And while it would be possible to continue spending on engine development in search of ever-smaller gains, we have not done this at Renault."

"The development activity associated with short-term performance gain has been reduced, and we have made substantial savings," he added. "So in terms of achieving cost savings with no negative impact on the show, I think the rules must be judged a success. But I do not think the 2007 rules are optimum yet, and I hope that future rules will allow us to build on this experience, in order to put on a better show at reasonable cost."

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