Monday, February 11, 2008

Bahrain considering night race

Bahrain officials have said they are happy to consider running a night race, if it becomes necessary to do so and that it can deliver clear benefits.

"We're not opposed to the idea, and it is only natural that we have been gathering information about it, trying to determine its advantages and disadvantages," Shaikh Salman told the Gulf Daily News.

"A night race could be quite exciting to watch, and it's something everyone is talking about now that Singapore will be the first to have one,"
Shaikh Salman added. "I have no knowledge of it being proposed for Bahrain, but it is a very interesting concept."
"Right now, it makes most sense more for host countries further east," he said. "Here, it is debatable and we would have to go through lengthy discussions with Formula One Management before we can seriously consider it."

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