Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kimi the WDC contender

FERRARI'S Kimi Raikkonen is even more motivated this year than he was during his title-clinching season a year ago, a source close to the driver says.

The source told the GDN that Raikkonen is this season more comfortable with the Ferrari team members, having already been with them over a whole season and winning the 2007 drivers' championship with a total team effort.

"Kimi now knows that it can be done with the people around him," the source who wished not to be named said of his fellow Finn. "He is now more focused, and he wants to win this year's title more than he has ever had, and he wants to beat the pressure of being the defending world champion."

Raikkonen himself admitted that he is now closer with team members this time than during his debut stint with Ferrari.

"It is much easier now after one year with them," Raikkonen said. "We know what we want and what to expect, so for sure everything is now better."

Raikkonen has been totally focused during the Bahrain tests, rarely speaking with the media or taking time out in the paddock. He also refused to answer a question posed to him yesterday about a new tattoo he is reportedly sporting.

The 28-year-old was joined in Bahrain for the latter days of testing by his father Matti and manager Steve Robertson. Both were present yesterday as tests concluded.

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