Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lauda calls for Albers sacking

According to Niki Lauda, Dutchman Christijan Albers is lucky that hisboss is not a red-cap wearing former triple world champion. Winner of25 grands prix Lauda, who led Jaguar Racing for a while beforereturning to his current role as a TV commentator, criticised Spykerfor not sacking the 28-year-old race driver following an incidentduring a pitstop at the recent French grand prix.The FIA fined Albers (US) $6,800 for recklessly driving away with hisfuel hose still attached, but Lauda says F1's governing body shouldalso have confiscated his Super License. "I wouldn't let him start thenext race," Lauda, 58, is quoted as telling the Dutch racing magazineFormule 1 Race Report. "In all the years I have been around in formulaone, never before have I witnessed something as stupid as that."Even one of Albers's own bosses refused to back the struggling Albers,with Mike Gascoyne telling The Times that he was baffled by the error."I don't know why he did that," Spyker technical boss Gascoyne said."He's an experienced driver, he should know what to do."

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