Monday, July 9, 2007

McLaren’s new motorhome

The Formula One fraternity got its first glimpse of McLaren’s new motorhome at the British Grand Prix. The team plan to bring the new trackside venue to all of this season’s European races and hope it will set a new standard for paddock hospitality.
Boasting a 13.5 metre-long facade, the three-story construction dominated the skyline of Silverstone. Designed and built by German company Bischoff and Scheck, the 'Brand Centre' contains four meeting suites, eight offices, and two separate rooms for drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton to relax in when out of the cockpit. It takes approximately 20 people at least two days to construct.The new motorhome replaces McLaren’s old paddock venue, the Communications Centre, which made its debut back in 2002 at the San Marino Grand Prix. During its five and a half years’ service, the old centre was present at 53 races, travelled 86,731 kilometres and served up approximately 5000 breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

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