Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lewis wants a pay rise?

There are reports in Spain that Lewis Hamilton is asking McLaren for apay rise. Hamilton signed for McLaren this year for a salary which isbelieved to be around $300,000, with a bonus scheme based on thenumber of points that he scores. According to the reports, however,there is also a clause in the contract that allows for a renegotiationin the event of him leading the World Championship at the halfwaypoint of the season. Such a clause is possible as no-one expectedLewis to be doing as well as he is and such a clause might have beenallowed because it seemed at the time to be wildly optimistic.The stories should be treated with a certain amount of care as theycould be designed to destabilize the team and put pressure onHamilton. Having said that it is not unnatural for Hamilton to wantmore as he has given the team and its sponsors extremely good valuefor money thus far this year.

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