Thursday, July 5, 2007

Stepney departs Ferrari

Nigel Stepney has left Ferrari. The team confirmed on Tuesday thatthere has been a disciplinary procedure and that Stepney is no longeremployed. Stepney says he is innocent of allegations that he tried tosabotage the Ferrari F1 cars in the days before the Monaco Grand Prix.He says that there is a smear campaign going on against him, but hasnot explained why this would be the case and who would benefit fromsuch a thing.Ferrari has made a complaint to the Italian police but no charges havebeen made. Ferrari refuses to give details about the allegations it ismaking but someone somewhere is feeding the Italian media with storiesabout white powders being found in the fuel tanks of the Ferrariracing cars in the run-up to the Monaco Grand Prix.Stepney is due back from his holiday on Thursday and was due to go tothe British Grand Prix. That trip will probably now be cancelled as heis no longer with the team but that is unlikely to top him talking tothe press.Stepney's lawyer in Italy says that he will see the Italian police onhis return and try to clear his name and will then take legal actionagainst Ferrari if it is deemed to be necessary.Clearly there is a great deal more to this story than meets the eye.

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