Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bernie goes to Vegas

Bernie Ecclestone may not show up at the French Grand Prix thisweekend. Our spies tell us that the Formula One boss is currently on avisit to Las Vegas. The obvious conclusion will be drawn from this,but then that may be the reason for the visit as Ecclestone negotiateswith Indianapolis.Whether there is a serious chance of a race in Las Vegas remains to beseen. The streets are not very likely but there might be possibilitieswith individual casino owners, notably Steve Wynn, who was hot on theidea of an F1 race in Vegas around 10 years ago. Wynn now has a muchlarger, private, property known as Wynn's Las Vegas and he could stagea race himself.The big question is whether he would pay the fees necessary andwhether the race could be timed to hit the major F1 TV markets

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