Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Montoya rattling the McLaren cage

Montoya rattling the McLaren cage
''There's always a number one at McLaren''

Monaco stirred the number one status frenzy Juan Pablo Montoya has backed Fernando Alonso's recent complaint that Lewis Hamilton is receiving more support from his McLaren chiefs this season.

The Colombian, now a fixture of America's NASCAR scene, joined the Woking based outfit as one of F1's brightest stars at the beginning of 2005 but brusquely left mid-way through last season after failing to shine alongside Kimi Raikkonen.

Montoya observed in an interview with the Associated Press this week that rookie Hamilton, albeit partnered by F1's reigning world champion, is "clearly the number one on the team.

"He explained: "But there's always a number one at McLaren. I mean, Fernando Alonso said it himself.

"Montoya admitted that championship leader Hamilton is a 'really good' driver but pointed out that team boss Ron Dennis supported the 22-year-old since he was a child.

"He has an advantage that... there really always is a favourite driver on the team," Montoya said.

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