Tuesday, June 12, 2007

McLaren, Mercedes, split over supercar

Monday 4 June at 10:34 : Rumours of a rift between McLaren andMercedes-Benz have emerged in the specialist motoring press.The duo are closely aligned in the world of formula one, withMercedes-Benz providing works engines and owning the largest slice ofRon Dennis' company.But Automotive News Europe reports that, despite their collaborationon the $600,000 SLR supercar, Mercedes is actually getting ready topair with its German car partner for the DTM touring car series, HWA,for the SLR's successor.Other sources said Mercedes had been "disappointed by the performance"of the original SLR, which is built at McLaren's F1 factory.A Mercedes-HWA prototype could be ready in time for next year's Genevamotor show, the rumours continue.Mercedes' decision could lead Woking based McLaren to go it alone withits own new supercar - a successor to the fabled McLaren F1 - thatwill be fully funded by the formula one team.It is not known if the supercar split could impact the F1collaboration, but it is likely to quell speculation of a totalMcLaren buyout by Mercedes in the near future.

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