Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Honda cut lap times with 'B' car

Honda's significantly revised RA107 is now nearly a full secondquicker than the single seater of its junior team Super Aguri,according to sources.While the majority of the F1 world ran at Silverstone last week, theJapanese squads tested alone and privately at Jerez in southwesternSpain, away from the glare of the media and rival outfits.Under wraps was the running of the unofficial 'B' car, boasting newwings and new front suspension, which is to debut at Magny Cours."With Super Aguri we can compare not only our lap times but also thedata so we can better understand our strengths and weaknesses," saidtechnical boss Shuhei Nakamoto.In its former guise, the RA107 was only a few tenths quicker thanSuper Aguri's SA07 - which is basically a modified version of lastyear's works Honda - at recent races.But according to sources after Honda's private Jerez test, that gaphas now extended to nearly a full second per lap."We expect to make a small step forward in performance at the nextrace," engineering director Jacky Eeckelaert confirmed.

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