Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bridgestone wary of Canadian tyre demands

The upcoming Canadian Grand Prix is always a hard Grand Prix weekendfor the tyre manufacturer in Formula 1. The circuit provides a toughchallenge over the 70-lap race and the layout is one where heavybraking is experienced as high-speed sections mingle with tighthairpins and slow corners. The last corner in particular has causeddrivers trouble in the past and has something of a history forclaiming the cars of world champions.Click hereBridgestone' s head of track engineering Operations, Kees van de Grint,said about the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix: "It is a big challengefor the teams as the brakes suffer a lot. There's a lot of heatgenerated and because of this we can also expect high temperatures inthe tyres. Similar to Monte Carlo, being more or less a streetcircuit, Montreal is not used many times so it's very dusty and veryslippery, which is why we've opted for the soft and super softcompounds."It will be a bit of a challenge to make the tyres survive on thistrack, especially at the beginning of the weekend with the high speedsand the expected high temperatures. "

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