Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No internal war

Fernando Alonso has contradicted reports that he has agreed not to talk about Lewis Hamilton to the press. McLaren boss Ron Dennis told the media at Indianapolis that the Mercedes-powered pair made the pact after their comments in recent weeks stirred rumours of a 'civil war'. Rookie championship leader Lewis Hamilton admitted to reporters at a Vodafone sponsor event in London on Friday: "It's just at the moment we both feel it's better that we speak about each other when we are both there, because (otherwise) he can read something in the papers where someone might have twisted what I said." But at a press conference in Madrid, Alonso contradicted both Hamilton and Dennis."I have always spoken about Lewis and I always will. What has been written is wrong," he said."There is no internal war. Everything happened because of (what was said in) Monaco, the FIA investigation,and when I said that I was not absolutely comfortable (in the team)."The 25-year-old Spaniard, at the construction site of the huge Mutua Madrilena tower, also denied speculation that he is already thinking about switching from McLaren to a rival team -- like Ferrari."I have every intention to fulfil my contract with McLaren because I want to have the best car in my hands, and at the moment the McLaren is the best."I do not have any intention to move."Alonso said he did not have any problem with Hamilton's defensive driving at the US grand prix last Sunday but reckons the 22-year-old rookie has also enjoyed some luck this year."In Monaco he touched the guard rails and the normal result is that you are out of the race," the Spaniard said."Also in Canada he made his pit stop just before the Safety Car. I have also had a lot of luck in the past and sooner or later his will end as well."

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