Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Todt - no sympathy for Massa's black flag

Ferrari boss Jean Todt showed little sympathy after Felipe Massa was disqualified from the Canadian grand prix.The French chief historically sides with his drivers, like in Monaco last year over the infamous and arguably indefensible 'Rascasse' affair involving Michael Schumacher.But there was no such backing for Massa, who was black flagged for driving through a red light at the end of the pit lane."You have a red light; if you don't stop, you get excluded. That's it."Let's hope that soon we are able to do a better job," he said.Todt said 26-year-old Massa failed to take note of the closed pit exitbut acknowledged that Ferrari officials also did not see the light."He did not pay attention –- he was concentrated on going out, and not having any car passing him," Todt said."And we did not tell him anything. We did not say (anything) to him,and he did not pay attention."Todt also seemed less than impressed with Massa's teammate Kimi Räikkönen, who finished fifth. He said the Finn damaged his car at the start - and replays suggested contact with Massa.Todt, 60, added: "Of course this is not a happy moment for us. But itis not the first time we have been in a situation like this and wehave always shown that we can extricate ourselves."

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