Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Championships will not be won

Jean Todt says it is time that Ferrari gets its act together if it wants to win the championship. The team principal is satisfied that the Maranello-based outfit has all the necessary ingredients to be the best but has grown disgruntled at how the team wastes its potential.

"We have all we need - the team, the car and drivers - but we have not always been able to put them all together to the best effect," Todt said. "If we don't manage it, the championships will not be won."Todt is unwilling to see McLaren's points penalty (15 in the end) as a consolation and the team principal says that both Ferrari drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa must now finish on the podium in every remaining race to have any chance of winning the championship. However the main priority, believes Todt, is to sort out Ferrari's poor qualifying form.

"A second and thirteenth place are a meagre reward for this weekend," Todt admitted. "There is a slight bitter taste at seeing how competitive we were in the race with Kimi, as it showed yet again that starting from the front is vital, especially at a track like the Hungaroring where overtaking is almost impossible."Of course, Felipe was even more heavily penalized because of the negative outcome of qualifying, given that he was constantly stuck in traffic. We knew this track would not suit us that well. Now we need to try and get both our drivers on the podium all the time to try and make up the gaps in both championships for the remaining third of the season."

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