Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hungaroring engine preview

With the longest period spent at full throttle barely exceeding ten seconds, and with only 57% of the lap spent at full throttle (significantly lower than the average), this is not a demanding circuit for the engine.

Of the 14 corners, five are taken in second gear at around 100 kph. Unlike at Monaco, where the cars reach abnormally slow speeds in the hairpins, the minimum speed at the Hungaroring is approximately 90kph. This means the engine spends the majority of its time in a relatively narrow operating window between 100 kph and 250 kph, and the closely-spaced gear ratios we use are selected to ensure optimum performance in this range.As always on a circuit featuring a large number of slow corners, good torque is important to help launch the cars out of the turns. The characteristics of the RS27 mean the engine is strong in this area.

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