Saturday, August 4, 2007

Stewards investigate

Stewards of the Hungarian Grand Prix are to investigate Fernando Alonso's holding up of McLaren team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the pits during qualifying for tomorrow's race. The FIA summoned Ron Dennis after qualifying to call into question the affair and will now examine the team's radio communication.

At the end of Q3, the McLaren pair entered the pits before one final run - Alonso ahead of Hamilton. Alonso seemed free to go but waited, holding Hamilton up. The Spaniard eventually set off but Hamilton had lost too much time and was unable to beat the chequered flag for one last flying lap to defend his provisional pole. Meanwhile, Alonso beat Hamilton's fastest lap to take pole.In a heated press conference after the race, Alonso blamed the team whilst Hamilton appeared fuming under his cool exterior saying: "Not much to say there. You saw what happened."Last season, a similar incident happened at qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix where Michael Schumacher parked his car at Rascasse, blocking anyone from going faster. Ironically it was a fuming Alonso who was held up then. Schumacher was consequently penalised by the FIA and sent to the back of the grid.

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