Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dutch companies file for Spyker bankruptcy?

At the court in Maastricht, The Netherlands two parties have filed a bankruptcy claim against Spyker Cars N.V. according to a Dutch newspaper. One of the parties that filed bankruptcy for Spyker is insurance company Zürich and the other party is named as an indivudual. They have been trying to claim over 300,000 euros from Spyker.

According to Spyker founder Victor Muller there is nothing to worry about. He told Dutch newspaper AD: "We are having discussions with Zürich about the insurance premium. I am sure we can solve this with them, but we won't let them pressure us with these kinds of actions. Bankruptcies are filed hundreds of times a day." Spyker Cars is currently investigating how it could split its Formula 1 company 'Spyker F1' from its car manufacturer company. It has been said Michiel Mol is one of the possible buyers of the team.

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