Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Todt praise for Hamilton

Ferrari team principal Jean Todt has come out again in support of Lewis Hamilton saying he felt the McLaren driver was unlucky to have a tyre problem, but still lucky to finish fifth and salvage four points.

"Lewis did a fantastic race. After what happened he was quite lucky to bring four points home but when you look at what he has done this season he is doing a great job," Todt said. "He was even quite successful when he had a problem today. It can happen to us, and it is part of racing." Looking back at the Turkish Grand Prix weekend, Todt admitted that good qualifying is vital, so does getting pole position carry too much importance? Should the rules be changed? "That is why it is very important and difficult to achieve. It is very difficult to change. We already know that it will be difficult. We know it is better to be in the front. It is such a high level of competition but everything must be perfect if you want to achieve it. I don't see what can be done at the moment to improve the situation."

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