Wednesday, August 1, 2007

McLaren hits back

After Ferrari announced it would appeal the World Motor Sport Council's decision not to punish McLaren in the spy drama, McLaren has fought back brandishing Ferrari's actions as a 'thoroughly misleading press campaign.'

A statement from McLaren explained, "Following a thoroughly misleading press campaign by Ferrari and pressure from the Automobile Club D'Italia, the FIA has asked the FIA International Court of Appeal to consider the unanimous decision made by the World Motor Sport Council on 26th July 2007. Having considered in great detail the full submissions of both Ferrari and McLaren, the World Motorsport Council determined that there was no evidence that any information, passed by a Ferrari team member to a McLaren employee, had been brought into the organisation or provided any benefit whatsoever to the McLaren programme."McLaren went on to say it expected to be cleared again of any wrong-doing."McLaren is not aware of any new information or arguments that have arisen since the meeting of the World Motor Sport Council and therefore assumes that these same materials will now be considered by the FIA International Court of Appeal," the statement added. "Whilst this is both disappointing and time-consuming, McLaren is confident that the FIA International Court of Appeal will also exonerate McLaren and we will in the meanwhile continue to focus on our current World Championship programme."

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