Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spyker surprised with bankruptcy stories

Spyker Cars N.V. has reacted with surprise to reports of bankruptcy claims being filed against the Dutch car manufacturer. A Dutch newspaper reported this morning that two companies had filed for bankruptcy against Spyker. But speaking to a spokesperson said the company itself has not received any information regarding a file for bankruptcy.

A Spyker Cars spokeswoman told "I have no idea where these reports came from this morning. Insurance company Z├╝rich was mentioned as someone we owe money. We have an issue with them that we are talking about as they came with an invoice that was higher than expected but as I said we still talk to them about it and I'm sure we will come with a solution. And regarding this individual person that claims we own him money we have no idea who that person would be." The news about Spyker Cars seems to come out of nowhere. But it does come at a very bad time. The manufacturer's Formula 1 team is struggling at the back of the grid and had to delay it's latest B-Spec car in Turkey. The team is currently testing at Monza with the new car and will enjoy its debut in two weeks at the same Italian track.

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