Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ferrari still out for blood with appeal

Despite McLaren escaping any punishment from the World Motor Sport Council, Ferrari is still out for blood and has decided to take the case to the FIA's court of appeal.

Ferrari bosses met in Maranello on Tuesday to deliberate about the legal actions taken in the last weeks. A statement from the team confirmed:"The Board has ratified what happened until now, which is the action taken against Nigel Stepney over the fact of the powder found around the refuelling aperture on the F1 cars during the Monaco Grand Prix tests. The submission of another legal action against Stepney concerning the theft of technical information, the civil action presented to The High Court of London against Mike Coughlan, chief designer of McLaren Mercedes, and his wife, concerning the theft of the aforementioned documents.""The Board took note of the FIA World Council's decision of 26th of July and of today's decision from the FIA President, Max Mosley, to refer this matter to a hearing of the FIA Court of Appeal, where Ferrari, as the injured party of the incident, will be accorded all the rights to which they are entitled in a trial, which was not the case at the World Council meeting."

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