Sunday, August 26, 2007

Spaniard prayed for a miracle

Fernando Alonso revealed he was left praying for a miracle after he finally managed to clear both the BMWs which beat him off the line into the first corner of the Turkish Grand Prix. By that stage the Spaniard was 14 seconds behind team mate Hamilton and lapping at a similar pace in fourth.

"The start didn't go as we planned, to be overtaken by two cars and find yourself sixth in the first corner is not great and the race is a bit over at that time," Alonso said. "I was following Heidfeld for seventeen laps and it's very difficult to overtake - you need to wait for a mistake from the car in front of you, but Nick was very consistent, driving very well and I had to wait for his pit stop for the race to start." "I just managed my pace then and waited for a miracle which only happened with Hamilton's tyre problem," he added. "Then I just drove for the podium. It's the best result we could have got from the weekend."

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